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Welcome to the faq, where some of your questions about pushpin magnets will be answered. Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions. Just click on the question and your answer will appear. If your question is not answered, please click here.

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The rare earth magnets we use are made from Neodymium, making them among the strongest permanent magnets available. Most refrigerator magnets use simple magnetized metal because it is far cheaper than Neodymium.

Well, yes, to credit cards and VCR tapes. They can be scrambled if they get within a couple inches. Our magnets will also make funny colors on your TV or computer monitor that may not go away if you get them too close. Any magnet will do these things but of course a stronger one does it even better. Just keep them at least six inches away from your electronics.

I suppose they are because believe it or not they are a ceramic material and not metal. However we have tossed some against a refrigerator (not recommended) hundreds of times from several feet away and they just don’t break.

On some surfaces surfaces it is possible that a little of the nickel coating that covers the Neodymium will rub off if someone slides the magnet around with nothing under it. These magnets are so strong and fun your kids might love to do this. This mostly occurs on rough painted surfaces. The good news it is not taking the paint off (which might be the alternative) and the nickel does seem to rub off with elbow grease and a mild soft scrub like abrasive.

Yes, almost all the walls in homes and businesses are fastened with metal nails or screws. With these strong magnets you can even hand hang something from one. Just search back and forth with the Pushpin Magnet to find one. It won’t hold up a large poster because a nail is too small and generally a little too far under the surface. But you might be surprised what you can hang. Also many corner joints are metal. I have seen people easily hang Christmas cards from the plaster corner joint of a door way.

Yes, the runners between ceiling tile are almost always metal. You can hang signs or mobiles from the ceiling this way. And if you have a bunch of the white or clear Pushpin magnets they make a great easily removable and almost invisible way to hang streamers and balloons.

Our magnets are your best option for magnetic walls. The truth is some refrigerator magnets will not even hold themselves to a magnetic wall. Because magnetic walls have a relatively small amount of metal in them–the stronger and lighter the magnet the better. Though our magnets will not perform like they do on a refrigerator they are by far better than anything we have seen. In our testing four held a large poster. There is a nice site and supplier at Magically Magnetic Paint